Case Studies

We capture each project with a short summary of the business challenge, our response and the client outcome. Our projects are always highly confidential, so we don’t share client identities on our site, but for new clients this is a great place to learn more about our services.

Case: Strategic Plan Development

The CEO of a food distribution and retail business needed help with a new strategic plan. 

Case: Strategic Plan Development

The CEO of a marketing agency in the hospitality industry needed a new strategic plan to help her company recover from the pandemic.

Case: Global Market Expansion

The CEO of a plant-based food and beverage company wanted to understand which markets offered her the best expansion opportunity beyond the US home market.

Case: Interim CMO

The CEO of a $600M publicly traded, multi-state dealership group needed CMO support during an external search for a permanent marketing leader.

Case: Business Model Reinvention

The Region VP of a $2B global food manufacturer needed help with one of his most important markets.

Case: Strategic Planning Process

A state-chartered government corporation decided to assess and improve its strategic planning process.  The CEO and leadership team wanted to drive broad participation while improving collaboration and follow-through on key strategic objectives.

Case: Corporate Purpose

A Fortune 500 healthcare company wanted to refresh its corporate Purpose, Vision and Values as part of a larger strategic reimagining of the company.

Case: Market Turnaround

The CEO of a $2B global food manufacturer needed a turnaround plan for his largest market.

Case: Portfolio Prioritization

The CEO of an equipment manufacturing company wanted more disciplined capital and resource allocation across its operating units.